In July, the Forest School group from the nearby St Theresa’s Catholic Primary school came into my wood as they usually do and helped create a home for insects and amphibians and reptiles like newts and toads, called a Hibernacula. This is an underground chamber using old logs and palettes and tree guards. These provide air spaces and hidey-holes which make good areas for these creatures to use for their hibernate (sleep in) over winter. The Friends of Griffin Wood worked with the Forest school group to break up some old palettes donated to them from Tescos. These were tied together and then filled with the tree guards and old logs. Now we have to hope that the local wildlife enjoy their new hotel!

Can you tell where it is? Hopefully not, as its meant to only be seen and visited by small creatures, not humans!

Hibernacula complete

Here is a leaflet from the Mersey Forest telling you all about how to make Wildlife Hibernation sites. It is currently in leaflet layout (for printing) so the pages aren’t in the right order, but we hope you can make sense of it and that it is helpful for you
Habitat Creation guide