Welcome to my page, I’m a Harris Hawk, called Harry (its not very original name, so can you think of a nicer / better one please?).  

I live in St Helens with my owner.  I’m a 

Harry at Griffin Wood

medium-large bird of prey and in the wild, we range from the southwestern United States (e.g. Arizona) south to Chile and central Argentina.  So I am not a native bird, this means I am not originally from the United Kingdom. 

I visit Griffin Wood with my owner, on these pictures and he trains me in the wood and the local area.  I am only 8 months old and you can tell this by the light coloured feathers on my chest.  As I get older, these will turn darker. 

So, do you know what I like to eat?  Can you guess?  Take a look at my talons (my feet)…………. I’ll help you out…….. my diet includes small creatures including birds, lizards, mammals and large insects.  In the wild, we hunt in groups and we can also kill larger prey, such as jackrabbits in America. 

So this page has been created to introduce you to me and hopefully this section of the website can be for young people who perhaps aren’t as interested in the digging work that goes on, on site, which is still important but perhaps not as much fun for you. 

So, please leave some comments on my new page, what else would you like to see on here?  Games, more pictures…….. you tell me and I’ll see what I can do to make this more fun for you! 

Bye for now, I’m got some flying to do! 

My friend Rebecca is a member of the Friends of Griffin Wood and her school St Teresa’s runs Forest School from the site too, she made this poster, I think her felt tip pen hasn’t come out on the left hand side, but she told me it says “The Friends of Griffin Wood have fun” and I reckon they do.  I really like it and think it looks good on my page: