Griffin Wood in Autumn

On a visit to the woodland in October  I saw a wide range of beautiful fungi, some of which have been added here.  I have attempted to identify them, please correct me if you think I have identified them incorrectly.

I believe this is Bonnet Mycena

Ganoderma, unfortunately the flash made it look brighter than it actually was (I have darkened the picture a bit)

Also known as fibrecap, this is found in deciduous woodlands, which is where I found it! Poisonous

Also known as Jews Ear, a very common species, generally found on branches of frondose trees, usually Elder

Also known as Oyster mushrooms. These were on the stump beneath the bird carving at the edge of the old wood (near the pond). These are common and often found in large clusters in deciduous woodlands, on stumps and fallen trees, especially beech