Autumn Update

National Volunteer Week saw a flurry of activity down at Griffin Wood.

Some of the Friends of Griffin Wood planting the willow screen

Some of the Friends of Griffin Wood planting the willow screen

On Saturday 31st October a group of Friends of Griffin Wood planted a screen of willow as cover behind the bird hide. As this natural screen grows and matures, it will provide the ideal habitat for numerous insects and other animals, allowing us to get that bit closer to life in the wood.

More willow action as 50 cuttings from the adjacent Maypole Wood were planted in the nursery. Planting and replenishing in this way is giving us extra stock, free. We like free.

Getting Ready for Winter

Many small animals are scurrying about, storing food and getting shelters ready. Four hedgerow boxes along the perimeter hedgerows will encourage a thriving habitat for many tiny creatures. Encouraging diversity and increasing habitats becomes more important as our worlds green spaces become further squeezed by developments.

Other tasks that have been completed since September by the Friends’ group include a series of bulb plantings getting ready for Spring next year; weeding the nursery – a laborious but necessary task; applying compost to the trees in the orchard; replacing damaged tree guards; and dealing with any wind damage.

All in all it’s been a busy Autumn at Griffin Wood. But with a little bit of rain, a little bit of sun, a little bit of wind and a spark of magic, come Springtime the wood will be waking up refreshed.

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