New bench installation

Griffin Wood gained another interesting feature this month with the installation of a new sculptured bench, designed to resemble the shape of a fern leaf.

The finished bench feature

The new bench installed at Griffin Wood.

Julian Taylor, a sculptor based in Liverpool, took inspiration for the design from the magnificent  Broad Buckler ferns (Dryopteris dilatata) that can be found within the mature woodland at Griffin Wood, as well as linking it back to the coal mining heritage of Clock Face.  The presence of dense fern forests 300 million years ago helped create the rich coal seams that were found in the surrounding area.

Julian was able to construct the bench using timber that had been extracted from the mature woodland as part of tree safety works.  This was made possible through the assistance of John Campbell of Tree Health Services who was able to extract the usable timber from the felled trees and process them into the required sizes using a portable sawmill.  Following many hours of hard work, Julian was able to install the bench in a spot where many users of the site should be able to enjoy the new feature

Fitting the jisaw of pieces together.

Fitting the jigsaw pieces together.

To see more of Julian Taylor’s work visit his web page at:

Keep an eye out for the Broad Buckler ferns this spring which should just be beginning to emerge from the leaf litter of the mature woodland to uncurl into their characteristic broad fronds.

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