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Mind and Deafness Resource Centre volunteers make a difference at Griffin Wood

Working with the mental health charity Mind, The Mersey Forest’s Access to Nature project has helped a group of 11 men with mental health issues to enjoy exploring the great outdoors and contributing to their local environment at Griffin Wood. The group have been on a tree identification walk and have carried out conservation tasks, with two further visits to follow later this spring.

A group of a dozen teenagers from the Deafness Resource Centre have also been busy at Griffin Wood, clearing willow and removing tree guards, in the first of four activity sessions which will run through April and May. Following in their footsteps, a group of adults from the centre will soon also be starting their own series of conservation tasks at the site.

Also getting active at the woodland will be a group from Addaction, the drug and alcohol treatment charity, who will soon be embarking on a series of four conservation task sessions.