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Interested in Wildflowers?

We are linking up with our local Wildlife Trust as part of their Forever Meadows project and are going to undertake wildflower surveys on site on Saturday 25th June, sorry for the slight short notice, but this has been advertised elsewhere too!
The sun will be shining, the birds will be singing and the wildflowers will be blooming, what more could you ask for………… some advise on how to look after wildflowers and suggestions on where to plant new ones… well this is the activity for you! Hope to see you at the entrance to the wood around 10am

We’ve got the buzz

Advert for our latest course, this weekend

Have you got the buzz? Why not come down and join us learning about Bees and how we can help them, at Griffin Wood and in your garden.

Pleasae note :-Saturday 18th June – Due to predicted bad weather the Bee Survey Training.will start by Meeting at The LEAF Centre, Chester Lane Library. Hopefully wer’ll get to the woods later – weather permitting

Willow bashing

The rampant Goat Willow

The Results of our day of Willow bashing. The willow was growing quicker than its neighbours and threatened to block out their light.

The result of some determined loppers