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St Helens Chamber

The friends were joined by a very friendly group of lads from St Helens Chamber on the 1st February and they did a great job of helping us clear out the tree nursery and hammering staples into all the bridges, to reduce the slippy surfaces on the 3 bridges in the old wood.

The sun shone down on us all day and the tree nursery, which has held over 300 whips for a number of years is now cleared and ready for some new ones when needs be.  The whips that were removed included Ash, Oak, Birch, Cherry and Scots pine.  These will now be distributed around some of the many sites that The Mersey Forest team have been asked to help plant up this season, so please take care of them and they’ll turn into great big trees!

Steve Anders, Environmental Supervisor for the team helped The Mersey Forest set up Griffin Wood as a community woodland several years ago and he is amazed at how the site has progressed since he was last here.  “It’s one of those sites you drive past all the time but don’t keep an eye on, because you’re on the motorway, but now I’m here, its great to see how well all the trees we planted have matured”.