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Un-earthing Clock Face’s roots – we need you!

panoramaDo you know your history or have a story to tell? We are hoping to discover more about the history of Clock Face and Bold for a new project at the woodland, and are appealing to all those ‘in the know’ to help in our quest.

A drop-in session is being held on Thursday 21st January 2010 at the cafe/reception area of the Leaf Centre (formerly Chester Lane Community Centre) from 4.30pm until 7pm, where we’d be really interested in meeting you to look at your old photos or newspapers, uncover stories of the area or learn about your family history in and around Clock Face and Bold.

People are invited to pop in for as long as they wish, be it a flying visit or a longer chat. For those unable to attend there will also be another event held in February half-term, or you can add a comment to this blog or contact Helen Collins at The Mersey Forest Offices on 01925 816217.

We hope to unearth enough information to potentially create a new guided walk with leaflets and interpretation boards around Griffin Wood, and also of course plan to feature the findings on this website.

A little light pruning

Before the snow brought the country to a halt we had some clearing up to do down at Griffin Wood.

As we learned to handle the tools of the trade we brought some much needed rejuvenation to some of the trees in the mature part of the woodland.

Working back towards the trunk of long branches we trimmed some of the lowest. It was hot work, even on a cold December afternoon!

Having fun in the woods

Having fun in the woods

We ended up with a pile of logs and twigs that provide the perfect habitat for a huge variety of insects and small mammals. Which reminded us to head out and check on the hedgerow boxes.

Is there anybody home?

Is there anybody home?

There didn’t appear to be any takers for our natural hotels but they looked secure and ready for habitation. The boxes are on the margins of the newly planted area in mature hedgerows so we’re expecting some residents soon.

Some of the younger trees needed their “belts” fastening more securely in the replanted areas. But now every one of them is flexibly firm and ready to put on some good growth come the warm weather in Spring.

Getting a better grip!

Getting a better grip!

We’ve had a great time in the woods in 2009 and we’d like to wish you all a wonderful outdoorsy 2010!

If you want to know more about selecting, planting or caring for trees, check out the Mersey Forest How To guide…